Night Begat The Day

Upon this longest winter Night, The light of day eludes our sight

 As fear and dread enshrouds our mind, surprise of the Celestial kind

Solstice (1)

 Draws our thoughts a to turn with, the promise of  better days begin

 All at once the visions clear, we’ve been living lives of fear


The sights we know to be our truth,

 Have been fixed in place for years

 The tales been told to all the youth

 Eventually ends with us in tears


The ancients claim that long ago, the Moon begat the Sun

Our mind of logic says this ain’t so, such a task cannot be done


With this reveal all men refute the tales and lore of time gone by

 Generations move along with intent to  live the lie


What  was once revered and respected

Had soon become feeble rants

 Now the tales of fools rejected

Solstice (4)

 Wisdom’s lure the mind recants


All men just see the space between, the wall does cause a great divide

The search for self becomes serene, we settle for the side by side


However on this night of darkness, the moon will glow Divine

 As parent of the Sun lights starkness, Spirit’s Truth is sure to shine


With the glow of all that is, we must know what is to be

 What Solstice shows is I am in you, and in fact you are in me


 For there is no you are I or we, No divide just unity

 All that is, is ONE together This is the TRUTH that we shall see.


 This Winter Solstice Demands attention

Spirit sounds a Clarion Call

A sacred message for retention

 Love will concur One & All



So turn your eye to heavens glow that Solstice darkness will allow

The shortest day we leave behind the truth we live will save us now


All man & beast and earth are One

Life expands through thought

The you and I come from THE SON, what man has birthed has just begun

The moon begat the mighty Sun, mortal man birthed Divine SON

 All must heed the lessons taught

 As  Solstice Night begets the day,  Humility will light the way!


I am Life that I may be, I AM YOU, and YOU ARE ME



Authenticity eludes the mass desire to belong

Compromise and judgement, destroys  the melody of our song

When we judge and criticize, and compare ourselves to another

 We lose our own integrity  we stifle and we smother

A look within will show for once who we truly are

The easy path, the stress free life  the way to raise the bar

 To thine own self be true  are words to heed for sure

 Avoid the victims robe, the collective draw & lure

We are each unique in our own way, a part integral to the the rest

Antithetic demands we live our bliss, and all will be the best.

Offer in the Coffer

We all love to contribute with desire to create

The reward of our giving is JOY that feels great

With our talents and gifts we’re a productive lot

A  feeling of purpose is about all we’ve got

Mankind is hardwired to improve every day

We struggle to find  a new better way

Being stagnant or dormant breeds anguish and pain

Feeling uselessly irrelevant will drive one insane

As society leans toward services for all

We compromise many removing their call

By doing for everyone, removing hard knocks

All we accomplish is tragedy in big social blocks

It’s time that we teach all that everyone matters

From the physically challenged to the crazy mad hatters

We need to be tossing our bits in the soup

Creating this world as a big loving group

We all have some value some gift and great worth

Right up till our death and beginning at birth

So now is the time that we all make an offer


We need to contribute to the societal Coffer.




Lived my life, chasing the dream, doing what came to mind

images (1)Thought is was the way to go, taking all the joy I could find

 There were times, I may neglect, those that were close to me

I’ve lived an loved being true to myself, they got what they could see

The neglect and missed events, time spent on my own

At times gave the appearance, that I was all alone

 That did not mean I didn’t care, or was selfish greedy and closed

 It was all I knew, that’s how I lived I did what I supposed

The joy eventually waned, as guilt tempered all my deeds

It felt at time that I ignored the things my family’s basic needs

 They never did complain, or argue for their due

But none the less, I lived with guilt, It was all I knew

 Then one day, when they were grown, successful each on their own

 They thanked me for my example, for the method they were shown

 My guilt and shame were in my mind, choices were true I’ve found

They each to my example, of life embraced and lived abound

Without even knowing, filled with fear and doubt

 The lesson that I taught them, was what life’s about

 Carpe’ diem, embrace it all, follow your own bliss

This gift of life is much too short, don’t chance what you may miss

 They all have their freedom, each emancipated

 It seems my choices were correct at first, I  have been vindicated

Straight & True

Many who ride will often claim that serpentine is the best

The twisty turns with ups and downs, really puts us to the test

To each his own, is what I say, we all have different taste

Time to me is precious, nary a minute shall this rider waste

If challenge and test was what I seek, the ride would not be for me.

I ride to escape the battle for the feeling of being free

Away from thought & worry, no care of task & strain

I ride to relax and focus, to keep my thinking sane

For this weary traveler, roads that are straight & true

Twisting the throttle and taking off is what I like to do.

No sharp curves, or bumps and blinds, just blasting mile by mile

The sunrise glare and morning mist brings out my biggest smile


I glide past field and factory, schools house and country home

A business park and city hall, all places that I roam

It is no matter what the sight that flies by at fleeting glance

As long as I am riding, I am grateful for the chance

Too often though I claim “today I’ll take a ride”

Then chore and task confront me, as I must now decide

The work of life may often cast a shadow on my joy

To honor my commitments often keeps me from my toy

So every opportunity that lets me mount my steed

Is precious moment’s victory, that I will surely heed

No time for challenge, wrought with task when time offers such Grace

Straight and true is how this fellow always runs his race.

Riding is Authenticity

Looking into the sunrise with a serious steely grin appears dour

But it’s not

bug face

Bugs slapping wind burnt cheek seems nasty

But it’s not

Ear piercing roar of open pipes, throttle screaming and tearing eyes, seem uncomfortable

But it’s not

Frozen fingers stiff from grip numb to the very bone seem painful

But it’s not

Calves stung from hot pipe and shoe tip flat from shifting seems like a waste

But it’s not

leg burn

Dodging distracted soccer moms seems like a threat to life and limb

But it’s not

Weaving into traffic as a delirious parker opens his door without looking seems dangerous

But it’s not

Nothing of what the “normal man” considers distasteful poses care to those who ride

Nothing of conventional wisdom resonates with the free spirit of the road warrior

Nothing the conservative drone following the beaten path would approve of appeals to those who can only live free

Riding is authenticity

Riding is identity

Riding is choice

Riding is self respect

Riding is confidence and security

Riding is honor & integrity

Riding is life, raw and unfiltered, as intended

Live to ride, ride to live.


On a cold and nasty February day
The best place to be and the right things to say

Is in the arms of your woman professing your love
As you realize she’s an angel sent from above

Encourage and praise the gifts that she brings
While she snuggles and cuddles you with silken wings

Understand that the best part of who you are
Is completely due to her raising the bar

As each of know this fact without doubt
That because of her I cast my demons out


The women we love complete us as men
There’s no use denying life’s better with them


The sun comes each and every day, greeting us with possibility

A new canvass for the art which is uniquely mine, i endeavor to create

The tone of that which i offer to humanity is the reverberation of that which ruminates within my core 

Alas, the sights and sound emanating from my soul are my gift , my “present to the present”

The artwork of my proclivities serve the whole as intended

 Whether tis for the common good, or destruction of joy is determined only by the observer.


The spewing of venomous atrocities,or divine triumphs comes from choice

I experience, ruminate and ferment then produce

Sunriseveritable recycling of what is

My point of focus and resolve will color the product of my offering.

No conditions are at fault, just choice.

each and every Sunrise is the genesis of a new reality.

How do I feel this morning, wait ad see what I create, then you will now how I feel.

Perspective, perception, illusion.

I am.

The Path

My journey takes me forward, I travel down the path.

Which way?
I know not my direction, or my destination just the path.
I am the path.

I move forward, unsure, but filled with confidence.
There is nothing that will divert me, but where is it I seek to go?

I am the path.
An energy flows through me, touching everything in my wake.

It leaves behind a mark.

What does it say?

I follow the path before me, knowing I approach the point that I am journeying toward.

Will I know when I arrive?

I have never left.

I am the path.
My resolve is strong, that lights the way.
I travel with a zealous stride.

I will find my hearts desire.

I know not what it is.
I cannot see but what is before me.

Looking out I become blind to the truth within.
I am the truth.
I move forward, looking out, taking step after step, to find the truth inside.
Every step takes me forward.

My answer lies behind.

The answer is within the path.
My journey will end without a beginning.

To find what I seek along the path, is to stop moving, and be the path.
Ask, and you shall receive, seek, and you shall find, knock, and doors will be opened to you.
Word games, the lot.

The trick is as follows-

( Seek first The Kingdom, and all things will be added).
My trip will end when the truth that I need not journey at all is revealed.
Being on the path is the destination, no action, no goal, just the path.

“Be Still”, “ and know that I Am God”

Feeding Fear

Fear can grip a heart with a devasting blow, stopping in it in stride

Impending doom, dark shadows grow, stripping one of pride

Faith gives way, resolve turns bleak, accomplishments are few

The dreams we have and goals we seek,  will never become true

False evidence appears as truth , the mightiest bow down

We seek no more  as earnest sleuth, and don our futile crown

The mighty man of staunch resolve, now shrivels behind his shroud

The intended path set to evolve, bears no reason to be proud

The thought “what if” and “only when,” in retrospect will suffice

Replacing strength and discipline, with lowly sacrifice

But should a man  stand strong and tall, to claim his rightful place

The power from his Spirits call, will overshadow feelings of disgrace

As fear can only grow inside, when fed from mind and heart

We each must choose which side, will set our path apart

We always have the choice to make, of which road to travel

The fork determines what is at stake, our future to unravel

Accepting fear as exercise, for character to fashion

To venture forth we must surmise, will lead us to our passion.

I have felt the steely wrath of fear from within my soul

I chose to take the darkened path, resolved to meet my goal

images (4)

When light shines from our Highest being, the dark cannot prevail

We meet our self at destiny, Faith will never fail.